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Digital Finishing

Nothing elevates print simply and affordably like Digital Spot UV and foiling – the ideal way to enhance the visual appeal of printed materials, such as business cards, invitations, brochures, and packaging.

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Ever picked up a book or brochure and thought, “Wow! This feels really good!” Laminating enhances the appearance of printed materials, providing a glossy or matte finish for tactile and velvety textures. Prints feel like soft and luxurious fabric, ideal for professional materials.

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Hot Foil Stamping

Want to add some visual bling to your design? The heat and pressure of Hot Foil Stamping embellishes printed creations with a premium metallic shine. Perfect for high-detail, high-impact designs.

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Embossing is a print finishing technique that creates a raised, three-dimensional image or design on a paper or other substrate. The process involves pressing a metal die into the paper or substrate with enough force to create an indentation in the surface.

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Spot UV Varnish

Spot UV (Ultra Violet) is a print finishing technique used to add a layer of gloss or shine to specific areas of a printed piece. It involves applying a clear varnish coating to only certain parts of the design, creating a contrast between the glossy and matte areas of the printed piece.

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Die Cutting

Die cutting is a manufacturing process used to cut or shape various materials into specific shapes using a specialized tool called a die. The die forme is usually made of wood with metal rules and is formed into a specific shape or pattern that is used to cut or stamp the desired shape or design into the material.

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